Lake Living At It’s Best

gfx_area_map_lrgIt’s your life…make the most of it with an exceptional home on Watts Bar Lake, situated in the heart of the Tennessee River Valley. Watts Bar Lake covers 39,000 acres with more than 780 miles of shoreline. It is one of the most peaceful lakes in the area due to the low volume of boat traffic which allows you room to roam and relax in the beautiful surroundings.

Recreational options on Watts Bar include fishing, boating, camping RV, cabins, tents, hiking, bird watching, and virtually every water sport imaginable. Think about relaxing on the back porch and watching a nest of great blue herons…or dropping a line in the water for smallmouth bass or bluegill…or taking the boat out for some skiing and exploring. You can even take your boat out to dinner at one of the nearby marinas. This is the life on the lake that awaits you at Lakeside Coves.

Photos of Watts Bar Lake and our Residents

Local Marinas

Watts Bar Lake is the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable family vacation, a serious fishing expedition, or just time spent enjoying the water. Whether you plan your adventure or make a last-minute decision to have dinner on the water, it’s easy because Lakeside Coves is conveniently located between two full-service marinas, each with its own restaurant.

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