Lakeside Coves FAQS


Read below to see the answers to come of our most asked questions: 


  • We have lots for sale, not homes. You build your own custom home with any builder you’d like. There may be a custom home or a lot for sale from time to time that is listed with another agent, as we do not take on the re-sale of property.  
  • After you purchase a lot, there is NOT a time frame in which you need to build your home. You can hold your lot for as long as you’d like, however, most our our lot owners in tend to build between 1-3 years. 
  •  We do have restrictions and there is a minimum square footage on the homes of 1,500 sq ft. That can include your basement and garage sq footage. 
  • Currently, we have 18 homes built and 10 more under construction. That number changes monthly. 
  • The current HOA fees for 2019 are $480 per year. The HOA has recently transitioned to the Lot Owners from the developer and they voted to increase the HOA fees to $1200 in 2020.
  • Our residents are from all over the US and most of them are or plan to be full residents once they move in. 
  • If you come to take a look at the community, Euchee Marina in also on Watts Bar lake and just about 3 miles from our community. It offers lodging and a restaurant and is a great place to stay to get a feel for the immediate area. If you want a larger city area, you can stay in Kingston or West Knoxville.    
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