Builders at Lakeside Coves

Lot owners at Lakeside Coves can choose any builder they wish to construct their home. All builders must be licensed and follow the building guidelines in our restrictions. If you don’t have your own builder in mind, below is a list of several builders who have built or are willing to build in Lakeside Coves.  They have all built on Watts Bar Lake and are familiar with our subdivision. We do not recommend one builder over another, however they do have different building styles, procedures and pricing structures, so please be diligent when speaking with them individually.  We strongly suggest you speak with several before choosing the right builder for you.

If you would like more information on a builder, please contact them and let them know you found their information on the Lakeside Coves website. They are willing to set up meetings with our lot owners to discuss their companies and maybe even show you some of their construction in our neighborhood and surrounding area. 

Bluegrass Builders

Contact: Billy Lhota

(239) 825-1096



Noble Knights 

Contact: Alan VanWhy

Office: 865-806-0600

Cell: 865-406-7223

Yawn Builders

Contact: Caleb Yawn


Scott Pemberton Builder

Contact: Scott Pemberton

(865) 389-1883

Natural Element Homes

(800) 970-2224

Skyward Homes, Inc. 

Contact: Darrell Burnette

(423) 519-9711

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